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Hello there! My name is Michael, I’m an English teacher focused on getting students prepared for

the IELTS exam.

If you want to immigrate or to study in Europe or in North America – welcome to sessions with me. I have a huge experience in not only teaching people how to deal with this no

doubt diffucult exam, but also in taking it myself. I will be glad to walk you through the challenges and show you the way how to get ready for the exam in the less stressful way possible.

Apart from the IELTS there are plenty of topics you can discuss with me! I’m really interersted in IT and programming – Javascript is my favourite programming language. I am also an entrepreneur, this means we can have business English lessons as well. Project management, team-biulding, recruitment, negotiations, web-development – these all are of my sphere of interests. We can also simulate a job interview in English – in case you are about to have one down the road!

Well, I am also a father of two wonderful boys, so we can talk about challenges and happy moments being a parent brings. I love travelling around the world and I’ve been to some Europian countries, Arabic countries and to North America, so
Thank you for your attention and see you at our sessions!

Курсы: IELTS

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