Меня зовут Матвей, я с детства проживаю в Англии и свободно говорю на двух языках – английском и русском. У меня довольно много увлечений, и я буду рад пообщаться на интересные тебе темы.
Let’s TalkieTalkie!
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Since I started snowboarding 4 years ago I instantly fell in love with the sport and been enjoying it ever since. Last of my trips was to the French Alps and that was one an extraordinary experience.

In one period of my life I was extremely instrested in metal detecting for old items such as different coins and buttons. One of my oldest finds was a coin from the 1802 with King George the 3rd on the back of the coin.

Did you know that in England it’s illegal to take the caught fish home but it’s essential that you release it back to the pond/river.

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