My name is David. I live in Ascot (UK) with my family. Before that I lived in Windsor and before that in Moscow. I lived in other cities in Russia as well. also in Hungary for a short while.

Like all my family I absolutely love travelling. This is me on the Red Square in Russia. Do you like visiting other countries?  

My second favourite hobby after cooking is horse riding. This is me at the Spanish Bit in Eton Wick with the pony Chester.

I also like extreme sports like climbing which I’v already mentioned and jumping from hight’s, anything from a fence to a wall and a staircase to a tree I’l jump of.
I really enjoy all sorts of climbing. This is me on Snowdonia in Wales.(The climb was 1km)

I have many hobbies and swimming is one of them. Here I am in North Italy on a lake in 2018.

 Biking is one of my favourite sports it’s fun, quick and good for the planet.

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